Nestled away in the suburban borough of Edgbaston are Birmingham’s exquisite Botanical Gardens; a tranquil space waiting to be explored as a welcome retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The 15-acre gardens and four glass houses are home to some of the most exotic, colourful and unusual plants around and with recommended seasonal walks every month of the year, there’s always a reason to spend an hour or two at one with nature.

A little history …

The prestigious gardens opened back in 1832 at a time of true global exploration. This exciting time saw the rise of botanical and horticultural societies all over Britain – it seems the beauty of plants and flowers fascinated the middle-class and there were many varieties just waiting to be discovered!

Fast forward to present day …

Today, Birmingham’s Botanical Gardens still have much the same layout as the original design, with the four impressive glasshouses still proving to be a major attraction for visitors. The gardens now host regular events and weddings too, providing an enchanting venue to celebrate something special.


The beautifully landscaped gardens really are a treasure hidden amongst the concrete build up of Birmingham and there’s something for all the family to explore.

The Glasshouses

As we mentioned, the four glasshouses are a major attraction here. Each showcases a diverse array of beautiful botanicals that come from all corners of the globe. If you visit from May to September, an additional house pops up housing tropical butterflies from as far as the Philippines. This special attraction is a rare chance to see these mesmerizing creatures up close and if you’re lucky – you may just find yourself with a friend fluttering on your shoulder!

The Sensory Garden

Filled with plants waiting for visitors to touch and smell, the Sensory Garden really is a treat for the senses and has been designed so that blind and partially sighted visitors can enjoy nature’s creations.

The Bird Collection

Housed in the lawn aviary is a collection of exotic birds chirping away. From parrots and parakeets, to lovebirds and mynah birds, our feathery friends are a focal point -, especially for the little ones!

The Pavilion Tea Room

Once you’ve immersed yourself in the gardens and it’s inhabitants, stop by the picturesque Pavilion Tea Room to indulge in a refreshing drink or snack. It’s the perfect place to take a moment to reflect on the wonders nature has to offer.

No matter your age, Birmingham’s Botanical Gardens really are a wonderful day out. If you’d like to plan a visit, find out more on their official website.

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